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Carbon Footprint is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the green house gasses produced. Carbon Footprint analysis considers all aspects in the production and erection of the building in question. This includes extraction of raw materials, smelting, coating, transportation, assembly and maintenance over a typical 60 year life and then the recycling or disposal at the end of use.

Pre-Used Buildings offer a unique way to significantly reduce your company's Carbon Footprint as it eliminates all the raw material extraction, smelting and transportation around the world during the manufacturing process.

The commercial sector is more aware than ever of green issues and a Pre-Used Building not only cuts the financial cost but reduces your company's Carbon Footprint.

Do something positive today and consider the opportunity to save both money and the environment!

Trouble gaining planning permission?

Planning problems have been overcome by reusing steel frames. Councils are more likely to give planning permission to greener builds to meet government CO2 targets. We have current projects that have only been allowed to go ahead because we have been able to supply used steel frames for our clients.

Environment facts

"In 2007, global steel production stood at 1.34 billion tonnes; producing one tonne of steel can release up to one tonne of carbon dioxide"
Belle Dumé editor to environmentalresearchweb

"Recycling 1 ton of steel prevents the need for about 2,000 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, 800 pounds of petroleum coke, and 450 pounds of lime. These reductions in mining burden also reduced impacts to the land, air and water."

"Recycling 1 ton of steel saves the energy equivalent of about 100 gallons of oil. Therefore reusing steel will save so much more energy."

"Compared to producing steel from raw iron ore, recycling steel reduces air pollution by about 86% and reduces water pollution by around 76%. In particular, producing 1 ton of steel from raw iron ore produces around 538 pounds of solid wastes and 42 pounds of air pollutants."
Airport Recycling Specialists, Inc.

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