Used Steel Buildings

We can supply portal frame buildings for any requirement.

A used steel frame can save you 25%.

All frame members are numbered for ease of erection.. All pre used buildings come with erection and layout drawings. We guarantee that your building will be complete. Additional services: shot blasting, re spraying, alterations, are available on request.

Second hand steel does not mean a second rate job! Saving you money and winning credibility with your local planning office by reducing your company`s carbon footprint.

Used Buildings for Sale

Galvanised Crane Building
only 2 years old   48m x 22m x12m 1078m2   157ft x 74ft x 39ft 11606ft2
PPC2108 46x23x8.7m with 12.5T Demag Crane
Building used only as stores, crane like new, 40mm composite roof, single skin on side
85.4m x 90.9m x 12.7m propped portal
85.4m x 90.9m x 12.7m Propped portal with lean to one side. 7738m2  280ft x 295ft x 39ft 82600ft2 
30m x 17m x 4.5m
810m2 8718ft2 30m x 17m x 4.5m 6 x 5.1m bay
Second hand Liner Sheets
£1.50 per m
Coverage Length Amount 1000 3280 56   ...
Second hand single skin sheeting Various colours and sizes
£2.50 per m
Colour Coverage Length Amount Goosewing Grey 950 7360 15 ...
84m by 40m by 8m clear span
£110000 ex site 80m by 40m by 8m - 3200m2 262ft by 131ft by 26ft 36166ft2
20m x12.5m x 4.5m Agricultural Lean to
250m2 2691ft2 6m->4.5m highest point to lowest 4# 5 meter bay
54m x 30m x 6m Industrial Twinspan
177 ft x 98 ft x 20 ft 17437sq ft 1629 sq m 9 no x 6m bay
83m x 34m x 5.50m Perfect riding Arena
PPS2092 275ft x 112ft x 18ft - 30675 sq ft 83m x 34m x 5.50m - 2822 sq m
46m x 28m x 5m
46m x 28m x 5m 1288m² 150ft x 94ft x 16ft 14100ft² 8 Degrees roof pitch  
Ag Spec 60m (8bays @ 7.5m) x 57m wide x 8m high
60m x 57m x 8m  3420m2 192ft x 187ft x 26ft 35904ft2 Agri Spec
15m Weighbridge
ound;15,000 + Delivery Make: Avery Berkel Length: 15m   Equipment:  4 load cell. Printer, Ram
42.3mx38mx7.4m Clear span
141' x 125' x 22' Industrial spec
Ideal Riding School
46m x 20m x 5m 920sq meters 10000sq feet With light grey roof sheeting, with 20% rooflights and dark grey side cladding to 2m from ground. Can supply Doors Kickboards and erection service.
28.8 by 38.8 by 7.3 Clear span
94' by 124' by 22 Industrial spec
Second Hand Car Dealership, Showroom and Workshop
Ex Car dealership, Showroom and Workshop 47m x 25.5m x 5m Steelwork and doors only Includes mezzanine steelwork, 47m by 5.7m Garage doors included   £35000 Plus delivery
50m by 28m by 9m Industrial Spec
164ft by 92ft by 30ft 15069ft2 1400m2 Ideal riding arena  
147.5m x 135m x 13m 5 Span
PPS2074 Frame only 484ft x 443ft x 43ft 147.5m x 135m by 13m 214476 sq feet  19926 sq meters
42mx14mx8m Dutch Barn with cladding
PPS2061  £10000 Plus delivery Box profile sheeting on roof.
60m x 23.4m x 8 Warehouse
£38,000 + Delivery Second hand building for sale. Ideal for storage, grain store or warehousing Complete frame, cladding and roof.
42m x 24m x5.1m Complete building with sheeting, doors and windows.
Second hand building for sale. Ideal for storage, workshop, riding arena. Complete frame, rails, build-up system sheeting, windows, PA doors, insulated panel doors.
70m x 31m x 5.8m 12 degree clear span galvanised frame
PPS2020 Size:229ft x 101.7ft x 19.0ft Area: 2170sqm / 23,129sqft Pitch: 12 degrees Apex: 8.8m/ 28.8ft This galvanised building comes with all purlins & rails plus single skin cladding. Includes 5No....
42m x 36m x 6.4m to eave 8.2m to apex with sheeting
PPS2048 £3.15/sqft Size: 140ft x 120ft x 21ft Area: 1512sqm / 16,800sqft Building supplied with single skin sheets, purlins & rails to 2m on three sides. Half cladding on one end due to offices...
42m x 26m x 5.1m Ideal riding arena
Plus delivery PPS2015 Size: 137ft x 85ft x 16.7ft Area: 1092sqm / 11645sqft Clear span industrial complete building currently down and ready for transport. 40mm Insulated composite panels bar one gable 1...
66m x 21m x 4.5m Clear Span
PPS0435 Size: 210ft x 70ft x 15ft Area: 1344sqm / 14,700sqft This industrial spec building is a great size for large riding arenas or schools. The competition size hall allows for a viewing area at one end with...
Second Hand Mezzanine Floors
9.5m x 7.04m x 3m :   31.6m x 3.5m x 3m :   15.57m x 6m x 3m : Click on link or follow products tab at the top of the page.
56.86m x 24.4m x 7.6m
PPS2013 Size:186.5ft x 80ft x 24.9ft Area: 1,387.4sqm / 14,920sqft Tall buildings suitable for storage complete with roof purlins. For a full spec please call 0333 123 1444 or email Many...
54.65m x 20.73m x 9.74m 23T Crane Building
Size: 179.3ft x 68ft x 31ft Area: 1133sqm / 12,192sqft Stanchions:533x210UB92  Rafters: 456x191x67 Steel Bracing: 150x90 PFC Roof Bracing: 60x60 SHS Bays: 7 (6 x 7.32m & 1 x 10.730m)...
54m x 15.5m x 4.5m Insulated Leanto
PPS2036 Size: 177ft x 50ft x 15ft Area: 837sqm / 8850sqft This strong frame includes double skin insulated cladding. Including roof lights & side sheeting on one long side. The leanto goes from...
120m x 15m x 9>7.5m Monopitch
PPS2063 Second hand free standing monopitch for sale. Ideal building extension.

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